“A Day Without Immigrants” organized by United Farm Workers Foundation, brings awareness to impact of immigrants in America

PASCO, WA – The United Farm Workers Foundation organized rallies and protests across the nation today for “A Day Without Immigrants,” one of which was here in Pasco.

The rally began at 2pm in front of the United Association Local 598 and included a march to the overpass above the 395 freeway, where demonstrators waived UFW Flags and signs that read “We farm workers feed you,” and “Here is home,” and “Immigration reform now.”

“We will not stop fighting this fight of advocating for immigration reform until we get it. We are tired because we still have not gotten that, but we will not give up.” said Victoria Ruddy, United Farm Workers of America Pacific Northwest coordinator.

One by one, UFW organizers and community members shared their reason for fighting for immigration reform, for their family members, for them trying to have a better life, and for them to not live in fear as they live and work in the United States trying to be successful.

“A Day Without Immigrants,” is one peaceful way UFW tries to create awareness on the immigrant impact in the United States, by encouraging immigrants to not go to work or school for a day, to prove their essentialism when missing.

“Farm workers, Dreamers, TPS recipients and millions of undocumented immigrants continue to demand Senate Democrats push tirelessly for immigration reform to be included in the Build Back Better (BBB) budget proposal.” said the UFW Foundation’s press release.

Gustavo Cohetzaltila Aguilar, a local from Grandview and son of farm workers, shared his story as an activist, who traveled to the White House to speak with Vice President Kamala Harris on immigration reform.

“We need a pathway to citizenship and a pathway to legalize immigrants, DACA recipients, and Dreamers so that they can live out their dreams of a better life here in the United States,” said Aguilar.

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