A look into Aaron Christopher Kelly’s criminal history; the alleged Fred Meyer Shooter

Aaron Christopher Kelly was arrested early Tuesday morning after a 12 hour manhunt. Kelly was arrested on I-90 between Spokane and Sprague. uncomfortable according to court documents. Kelly has a history of criminal activity and behavior which made people uncomfortable, according to court documents.

Kelly made three court appearances in the last three years for three different things. Going back to March 2020, Kelly was accused of burglarizing Three Rivers RV Storage. He made an appearance at Franklin County District Court for second degree burglary charges. The court issued a continuous. This means if Kelly kept up certain standards of good behavior, the charge would be dismissed. Kelly complied and the charge was dismissed.

In October of 2020, Kelly’s roommate accused him of unlawful harassment. Both sides made their case in Franklin County Superior Court. The roommate asked the court for a temporary protection order but it was denied. The court said there wasn’t enough evidence to show that Kelly was harassing the roommate.

On February 8, Kelly again found himself at Benton County Superior Court for allegedly being the Fred Meyer shooter. Kelly faces charges of first degree murder and attempted murder. First degree means the prosecution must prove his actions were premeditated.

Kelly is accused of killing Justin Krumbah and hospitalizing a second victim that wishes not to be named.

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Article Source: Fox 11