At-home caregivers here to help seniors through lonely pandemic

YAKIMA, WA – HopeBridge Home Care Services offers customizable care plans to suit your loved ones’ needs. 50 at-home caregivers provide medical and non-medical care and attention.

Non-medical care includes housekeeping, meal prep, transportation, bathing, dressing, and exercise.

Pat Butler, 90, said she enjoys the companionship the most. She lives alone and needs help from time to time – especially opening jam jars.

“I like the walking and sitting and visiting,” said Pat, “cause you can talk and they still take care of you.”

Pat said she likes to do puzzles and run errands with her caregiver.

Her caregiver, Azlin Lanham, said she’s happy to be there for Pat when her family can’t.

“I really care about my clients a lot,” said Azlin, “we become part of their family.”

Providing friendship and care in their home is really important for maintaining their health said the Home Care Services director, Hilary York.

“It’s safe for them to be at home, it’s their environment,” said Hilary, “they get to know one person and they’re able to bond with them and they feel safe.”

All caregivers have 24-hour-a-day registered nurse backup, for questions or problems that may arise.

Hilary said they can provide the care you need within 48 hours of calling (509) 452-0509.

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