CDC pushes back mask mandate expiration date

The Center for Disease Prevention announced they’ll be pushing back their masking expiration date, which was originally set to expire March 18th.

The CDC announced they’re pushing back that expiration by a month to work with government agencies to create revised policies for when mandates are lifted.

The state mandate is set to expire March 12th. Schools and school buses fall under state guidelines rather than federal. So students will no longer need to wear masks in schools and school buses starting March 12th.

I spoke with the Director of the Tri-Cities Airport and what people should be aware of when they’re traveling.

Buck Taft says, “Until the CDC, TSA, FAA say otherwise, that’s how we are viewing it.”

He added how the Tri-Cities Airport is set to continue the federal guidelines and make sure their staff is aware of changing expirations.

Ben-Franklin Transit, however, is working to make sure their passengers feel safe come April 18th.

They have been working to add air quality filters. All fixed route buses like transit and Dial-A-Ride.

Marie Cummins with BFT says, “The safety of rider-ship becomes more important to monitor the air quality inside of our buses.”

These air filter systems filter air in the bus about 50 times in only an hour using UV lights.

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Article Source: Fox 11