City of Pasco temporarily taking over Tri-City Animal Shelter starting today July 15th

Tri-Cities, Wash. — The City of Pasco will take over temporary daily operations of the Tri-City Animal Shelter as the Benton Franklin Humane Society transitions out of the facility’s emergency management, according to the City of Pasco press release.

“The City will be ready to serve the community by providing quality Animal Control care while we search for a permanent group,” said the Pasco City Manager Dave Zabel.

“The City is finalizing the hiring of 14 temporary City employees as Shelter staff and will have them in place to ensure a smooth transition,” said the City of Pasco in the press release.

The shelter will be closed from July 15 to Monday, July 25 to the public; however, adoptions will be available by appointment (available pets can be viewed at

Animal surrenders and redemptions will also be accepted daily from 11 am to 4 pm.

Request for Proposals for permanent management of the Shelter and Animal Control Services are being accepted through August 5, with a new Animal Shelter facility scheduled to break ground in November.

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Article Source: Fox 11