Civil judgement in favor of former Kennewick Fire Chief

KENNWICK, WA – Nearly four years after being fired from the Kennewick Fire Department, Vince Beasley filed a lawsuit against the city and city manager, Marie Mosley.

According to the lawsuit, Beasley claimed he was fired for being black and opposing discriminatory practices during his time working with the city.

Beasley work for KFD for 37 years, his last five being Chief. However, he isn’t the only one that has sued the city for discrimination. Back in 2014, Beasley remembers a young lady filed a lawsuit as well.

Vince Beasley says during his time, he would fight against the inequalities he faced.

“As I went through the rank, I would speak about it more often because as you move through the ranks, you get more authority,” he added.

The lawsuit claims Beasley was placed on administrative leave before being fired, eventually pushing him to early retirement.

“City Manager Mosley judged me by the color of my skin, not by the quality of my performance or character,” said Beasley. “When she fired me, she harmed the fire department and Kennewick’s safety.”

I reached out to the City of Kennewick for comment, they said, “The result has allowed the city to resolve the matter efficiently and to limit costs to our residents, and to keep the city staff engaged in serving the community rather than defending this litigation.”

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Article Source: Fox 11