Clear the Shelters: “When we don’t have the fosters we need, we have to turn [dogs] away,” said a Pronto Puppy Rescue foster, adoption event

BENTON CITY, Wash. — Pronto Puppy Rescue fosters help care for abandoned dogs to make sure they’re happy and healthy for adoption. Without fosters, dumped dogs would have to stay on the streets and fend for themselves.

Pronto Puppy Rescue is hosting an adoption event Saturday 8/27 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. at the PetSmart on Canal Drive in Kennewick. A rescued puppy is 300 dollars.

A stay-at-home mother of five, Becky Kettle-Gay, has been a rescue foster for two years and helped about 50 dogs find new homes.

“That’s why I keep doing it because it is so rewarding and I’ll keep doing it probably till I’m not needed,” said Kettle-Gay.

Pronto Puppy Rescue has only 20 active fosters. Kettle-Gay said the more fosters they have, the more dogs they can save.

“There’s not a day that I don’t have a puppy, I have puppies all the time, I do, it’s nonstop,” said Kettle-Gay.

The Rescue ensures dogs are micro chipped, spayed or neutered and get the vaccines and vet care needed before adoption.

“The fosters themselves generally aren’t out any money outside of, I don’t know any fosters that don’t want to buy toys and cute things for their babies,” said Kettle-Gay.

Drax is a pitbul! mix almost four months old. Kettle-Gay said he was dumped at a park in Kennewick.

“[He was] wandering around for about five days before someone scooped him up and started seeking out a rescue to get him some help,” said Kettle-Gay

After fostering him for two weeks, she said she hopes to find him his forever home.

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