Consequences of getting a DUI

KENNEWICK, Wash. – As the days begin to get warmer, speeds begin to increase and reckless drivers are being seen more often.

Officer Trujillo from the Kennewick Police Department says parents should be teaching their young adults about those consequences.

Officer Trujillo explained to me saying “you can lose your license, go to jail, you enter a lot of court costs and fees, but mostly it is the danger of hurting yourself or others..or killing yourself and I think that with some of the cases that we’ve seen recently that reality has become very real.”

Some of those costs include paying thousands of dollars, serving months of jail time or even getting an ignition interlock installed into your car…which forces you to blow into the device before being able to start your car and that device will also cost you around $2,000.

Besides the financial costs, a DUI on your record can ruin all future opportunities.

“The DUI does stay on your driving record and it can affect you down the line, I mean anything a young person does, especially someone who has their whole life ahead of them, you can shut a lot of doors for sure…that includes military service, to getting into a university to getting a job,” Officer Trujillo continued to explain.

It’s good to teach young adults, before getting behind the wheel, to have a backup plan and have a sober adult or guardian take them home because these consequences will follow them for the rest of their lives.

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Article Source: Fox 11