Dancing in honor of law enforcement

HERMISTON, OR – A 10-year-old girl has been dancing her way through different states as she tries to shed a positive light on law enforcement.

Breaeh Rios was inspired by Anthony Dia’s death. A Toledo, Ohio police officer who was shot and killed in the line of duty on July 4, 2020. His last words on an emotional radio transmission were, “tell my family I love them.”

Breaeh now uses his last words over the radio that night as part of her dance performance to honor law enforcement.

“Law enforcement is important to me by a lot because they have families too just like us and they deserve to come home to them,” said Breaeh Rios, “Last Call” Dancer.

Having both a father and grandfather who was once in law enforcement, she wanted to honor blue lives in her artistic way through dance.

“I can express how I’m feeling during that day and it just goes with my emotions how I dance,” said Rios.

Many officers across the country have thanked Breaeh for her powerful performances.

“Thank you, not only from me but from our department and from every other local agency around here,” said Juan Balli a school resource officer for Hermiston Police Department. “We are your biggest supporter, and we appreciate everything you do.”

Another officer told her that she is brave dancing for what she believes in regardless of the negative comments.

“Just to have somebody so young stand up and say ‘you know what, this hit me hard too’ we connect with that and we appreciate that because it just seems like nowadays voices that show that support aren’t heard as often as the others,” said Betty Nova, school resource officer for Hermiston Police Department.

A dispatcher in Umatilla County said she got emotional the first time she watched Breaeh perform online.

“It always means a lot to us and so to have somebody stand up and be a voice when that’s kind of scary,” said Kelly Roberts a dispatcher for Umatilla County. “It’s kind of scary to be a voice and to have somebody Breaehs age willing to do that, it just it gave me confidence that the world is okay and that we’re going to be okay.”

But her biggest supporters are Anthony’s Dia’s family.

“To have Breaeh choose him over 2,000 miles away,” said Tony Dia, Anothony Dia’s father. “Out of all the officers, I just believe that it’s all, that it’s all been divine from day one.”

Breaeh’s mom said they watch every one of her performances and even though they once were strangers and thousands of miles apart, they are now like family.

“Just know you have thousands and thousands of law enforcement officers behind you,” Tony Dia said telling Breaeh. “Don’t let nobody intimidate you, don’t let nobody scare you because you have an army behind you.”

Breaeh is having a performance on April 23, 2022, at Richland High School at 8 a.m.

Donations to the Anthony Dia foundation can be made HERE.

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