Downtown Kennewick community comes together to support businesses affected by Cascade Building fire

Downtown Kennewick, WA- Following last week’s fire, several people were left displaced, and business owners are now wondering when they’ll be open once again. The City of Kennewick has since posted notices to vacate signs on the business and apartment doors.

When we spoke to Kennewick Fire Department about when people would be able to return into the building, they said they noticed various cracks in the building that raised concerns about the structure’s safety.

The Cascade Building originally built in 1908 and was one of the first building in Downtown Kennewick. Being over a century old, the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership is teaming up with Three Rivers Community Fund to raise money for the people displaced and business owners.

I spoke with one business owner who was affected by the fire and says he is ready to get back in when they are allowed to. Dennis Schoemeberg from Desert Gems & Appraisals say, “For us, Valentine’s Day right around the corner. It’s obviously a big detriment, but we’re doing what we can. We understand that the city and engineers and everybody is doing what they have to do to make sure that we’re safe to go back in.”

Another business owner, Annelee Giese, owner of Rise & Shine Bake Shop who says she opened early the day of the fire to help those with a cup of coffee, a warm place to stay or even some baked goods if they wanted.

She says, “It’s just awesome, just to see everyone rally around and love on everyone in that building.”

Annelee, alongside other businesses, are raising money to donate to the fund created by the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership.

She is selling cookies until Sunday 13th at midnight. You can best find her on Facebook to place an order and pick up will be available on Saturday the 19th from 3-5PM. You have the option to order a minimum of six cookies and the flavors are chocolate chip, snicker doodle or do a mixed flavor box.

Ice Harbor Brewery is also one of the businesses that are helping out. You can check on their Facebook as well to see how they’re helping.

If you want to donate to the “Kennewick Cascade Building Fire Victim Relief Fund” put together by the Historic Downtown Kennewick Partnership and Three Rivers Community Foundation, click here.

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Article Source: Fox 11