Enjoy a night out on Food Truck Friday

PASCO, WA – Food Truck Friday is back in Downtown Pasco. This year, it will be held from 5pm to 8pm in the newly built Peanuts Park.

“We used to have it from 3pm-5pm, but then we realized that a lot of working families couldn’t make it at that time,” said Special Events Director of the Downtown Pasco Development Authority, Chuko Herrera, “This way people can come after work or school and enjoy a nice meal.”

Herrera confirmed that this year, Food Truck Friday has been a little slower. According to DPDA, supporting small businesses and local vendors are a way to bring commerce and business up in Pasco through Food Truck Friday.

Food Truck Friday will run until the end of June, but the DPDA is hoping to extend it.

DPDA says they have a total of 20 food trucks signed up.

“But not all show up. We could use more vendors!” said Herrera.

Anyone food truck or vendor who would like to participate in Food Truck Friday can do so by contacting the DPDA located at 110 S 4th Avenue in Pasco. Vendors who sell clothing, jewelry, flowers, or any non-food-related item are also welcomed.

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Article Source: Fox 11