Funeral home honoring thousands of veterans Monday at Desert Lawn Memorial Park in Kennewick

KENNEWICK, Wash. – Mueller’s Funeral Homes and Desert Lawn Memorial Park will honor its veterans this Memorial Day at 11 a.m. with a patriotic skydive jump, wreaths, flowers, flags and service.

Rattlesnake Mountain Skydiving will start services with a demonstration jump featuring a patriotic banner.

Veterans of Foreign War Post 6785 is conducting the service that will last about an hour. Wreaths will be laid honoring all of the fallen heroes.

97 names will be added to the Veterans Memorial Roll Call Wall that honors every veteran buried at Desert Lawn Memorial Park. These 97 names are veterans that passed away last May, the last time the wall was updated. Over 3,000 names are engraved on the memorial wall. These names will be read at the service on Monday.

Local Boy Scout Troops 126 & 2020 will place small flags on every veteran’s grave on Saturday morning. The Boy Scouts have provided this service for over 30 years.

Mueller’s Desert Lawn Memorial Park is located at the corner of Tenth and Union in Kennewick. The services may move indoors depending on the weather.

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Article Source: Fox 11