Here’s a list of ways to help Ukraine in the Tri-Cities

As the war in Ukraine continues, the need for items like beanies, socks, gloves and medical supplies is continuing to grow. That’s why the Benton County Sheriff’s Office is partnering up with Bradley County Sheriff’s Office in Tennessee to pack boxes with the most needed items.

Today, Benton County Sheriffs and volunteers came together to pack 12 boxes that are expected to be sent out next week.

In just two weeks, nearly 500lbs of food, clothes and medical supplies have been packed up and shipped on palettes.

They started with creating an Amazon link with the most requested items. However, so many have purchased items off Amazon, they are no longer in stock and have since created a new link with updated items.

Sheriff Tom Croskrey says sending these boxes wouldn’t be possible without the help of volunteers and the Tri-Cities community.

“They donated cash to the Sheriff’s Department to the fund. So we have, I think they donated just over $700,” he says, “So, our volunteers went and purchased items and we’re here once again packing things up and loading them up getting ready to ship.”

However, the Sheriff’s Office isn’t the only one helping Ukrainians. Fairchild Cinemas is helping too. They are screening the movie, Guide in Ukrainian. All proceeds from the film will go to the Ukrainian Relief Fund.

Along the plenty of other ways to help, be sure to keep an eye on these Facebook pages: World Relief Tri-Cities, Benton County Sheriff’s, Fairchild Cinemas and church groups.

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Article Source: Fox 11