House Passes Energy Appropriations


Today the House of Representatives passed a six bill package that includes fiscal year 2023 appropriations for the Department of Energy (DOE). The bill would increase DOE spending by $3.3 billion above last year’s level, for a total of $48 billion.

In addition to providing DOE funding the House Appropriations Committee commented on a number of issues facing the defense nuclear complex in its report, including cleanup, workforce development, and weapons activities.

In regards to Hanford, which relies on DOE funding, the committee expressed concern about cost and timelines of cleanup, noting that they could “leave local communities at risk for an unnecessarily long period of time, and the committee is concerned that funding needs are not realistically achievable.”

Furthermore, the DOE has been encouraged to “seriously consider all cleanup options that have the potential to reduce costs and safely expedite cleanup, while protecting public health and the environment.”

It is unknown when, or if, the appropriations passed today will be voted on. Congress is out of session for most of August and may pass a continuing resolution to postpone the fiscal year 2023 appropriations vote until after the elections.

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Article Source: Fox 11