Kick-Off Event For Kindergarteners


Incoming Kindergarteners in the Kennewick School District (KSD) will have a chance to get their first day jitters out of the way before school officially starts thanks to KSD’s Kindergarten Kick-Off on August 16-18.

Pre-registered kindergarteners can meet their teachers, classmates, and principals on one of the three days.

“The primary goal of the new program is to set students up for success from day one,” said Alyssa St. Hilaire, Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning.

Teachers will familiarize students with the playground and building, teach routines and procedures, connect with families, and do some preliminary assessment of student skills.

Kindergarten Kick-Off times:

August 17th, 9 am at Amon Creek Elementary, 18 Center Parkway, Richland

August 18th, 9 am at Washington Elementary, 105 W. 21st Ave, Kennewick

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