Local nonprofit to build safe haven for minor sex trafficking survivors

PASCO – Franklin County commissioners approved a conditional use permit for a future restoration home location through Mirror Ministries for minor sex trafficking survivors. The Mirror Ministries nonprofit is based in the Tri-Cities and provides resources and support services for survivors. They have helped over 400 survivors since their start in 2014.

The permit gives Mirror Ministries permission to run three residence structures in the agreed location, with a maximum of six girls in each. Two staff members are required in each residence structure at all times.

Mirror Ministries will start the project off by renovating a home currently on the property into the first residence structure.

“We couldn’t be more excited to receive the news that we can move forward with the purchase of a property in the regional Tri-Cities that will provide a serene space for wholistic therapeutic support for minor survivors of sex trafficking,” said Executive Director Tricia MacFarlan.

According to MacFarlan, the restoration home will be the first of its kind for minors in the state. The home will offer counseling and support groups, art-based therapy and hopefully equine therapy on site.

“Many of these girls are struggling with trauma larger than you could ever imagine,” said MacFarlan. “This home will provide them a stable and loving environment to truly heal and find hope after that trauma.”

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Article Source: Fox 11