‘New Amsterdam’ Star & Boss Offer 6 Teases About Season 4 Finale

New Amsterdam is gearing up for an intense season finale, but there should at least be some happiness in the hour, with Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) and Dr. Helen Sharpe (Freema Agyeman) getting married… we hope?

“It’s a very challenging episode,” Tyler Labine (who plays Dr. Iggy Frome) tells TV Insider. As for how it all ends, “we love our cliffhangers, and we felt robbed by Season 2 that we weren’t able to do one because of COVID,” executive producer David Schulner admits. “It wouldn’t be New Amsterdam without a great cliffhanger.

Schulner and Labine offer a few teases about the episode.

Max & Helen’s Wedding Takes an Unexpected Turn

Labine couldn’t reveal much about the event, only to call it “a beautiful setting,” reminding us, “the gang does the rooftop up real nice.” We can “expect something unexpected,” however, which is no surprise from the NBC medical drama.

Teased Schulner, “It’s not gonna happen how they planned it, that’s for sure. Max and Helen planned a lovely, small gathering in the New York botanical gardens,” but then the hurricane changes things.

He did, however, reveal that they had planned the wedding for the finale, based on the Season 4 premiere, which showed the couple finally getting together after last spring’s finale kiss. “We wanted to have the season take Max and Helen through the gauntlet of a relationship with having to deal with in-laws and having to deal with kids and having to deal with illness and having to deal with location and long distance,” the EP explained. “We wanted to give them an entire relationship over the course of Season 4, so they could finally get married knowing that they were on solid ground. And then of course we threw a hurricane in as a symbol that no one is on solid ground ever.”

Ryan Eggold as Dr. Max Goodwin, Freema Agyeman as Dr. Helen Sharpe in New Amsterdam

Heidi Gutman/NBC

Who’s Medical Director?

While Max did tell Helen to “come home,” that was only “for the wedding,” Schulner says. “Home is really where all their friends are, all the people who love them are.” It wasn’t “the literal ‘this is where we’re gonna live after we get married.’”

So, no, that means we won’t see Max and Helen as co-medical directors at New Amsterdam. “That would’ve been great,” the EP allows. But for now, when it comes to that empty position, in “typical Max fashion, let’s save all that ’til after we’re married.”

How Painful Is Iggy & Martin’s Future?

Just when we thought there was hope for Iggy and his husband Martin (Mike Doyle), the former dropped “I’m not the problem, you are” at the end of the penultimate episode. “This finale is going to answer that question. Was Iggy right? Or was Iggy deflecting? Was Iggy trying to gaslight Martin? What was that?” Schulner says, promising they, as well as the rest of the show’s relationships will be in a definitive place and reach “its climax” in the episode.

Mike Doyle as Martin McIntyre, Tyler Labine as Dr. Iggy Frome in New Amsterdam

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“I think there are moments of clarity in a relationship where things come up and come out before you’ve articulated them properly, and I think that that may be one of those moments,” Labine says. “There are things that aren’t working in their marriage that we don’t really see.” While we’ve seen Iggy not make the best decisions — hiring Trevor, trying to adopt another baby without telling his husband (“these are bad actions,” the actor admits) — right now, he’s “trying to tell Martin how he feels.”

Labine continues, “We will have some more clarity” in the finale, and if they can make it past this, “there’s no way they’re not better.” And if they’re not together, “are they maybe not good together?” he wonders. “Maybe they’re better apart. We’ve never seen Martin need Iggy. We’ve never seen the way Iggy reacts when Martin needs him. We’ve never seen how their whole relationship leading up to when we first met them in Season 1 played out. We don’t know the dynamic completely. All we’ve ever seen is Iggy messing up and Martin being there for him. So we’ve told one side of the story. I think we’re gonna tell another side of the story now.”

In Season 1, they did seem like the most stable relationship of the series, but, the actor points out, “were they? … It’s like the powder keg was always there. It just had a very long fuse and it’s about to blow.” So while he has “seen what people are saying about Iggy and people are really not happy with him, I’m not either for the record … I’m trying to be on board with the de-evolution of Iggy and Martin, but it is sad to watch.”

Janet Montgomery as Dr. Lauren Bloom, Shiva Kalaiselvan as Leyla in New Amsterdam

Barbara Nitke/NBC

Can Bloom & Leyla’s Happiness Last?

Dr. Lauren Bloom (Janet Montgomery) and Dr. Leyla Shinwari (Shiva Kalaiselvan) may not have made the best decision to once again cross that line from roommates to more, but we can’t help but love when they’re happy, and being together makes them happy. “We all want to see them happy, but is it realistic or should we be like Max and say, ‘Who cares what’s realistic? Let’s just do what we want and let’s just do what we know we have to do and the rest will fall into place,’” Schulner says. “‘Right now let’s just commit to each other.’”

A New Reynolds?

Dr. Floyd Reynolds (Jocko Sims) has tracked down his father, so once the two really talk, what will that mean going forward? “They say that no matter how old you are, when you come home, you revert back to the roles you played when you were inside your family,” the EP says. “Reynolds really never had that with his father. So he doesn’t know who he is with his dad. I do hope Reynolds finds the things that he’s looking for and it helps him grow and give him a sense of who he is as a son and as a new father.”

Iggy Steps Up

The hospital staff will be dealing with “a hurricane that was going to hit South Carolina and North Carolina [that] changes course and heads straight for them,” Schulner says.

It will be Iggy who steps up, with “a surprising lack of action by the rest of the staff. [He] really steps into a new sort of position. I got to be in parts of the hospital I’ve never even seen,” Labine laughs. “Everyone’s really pulled in all different directions in the finale and Iggy really steps up in a real moment of bravery. Iggy really learns a lot about himself, which may lend itself to Martin and Iggy [reaching] a new understanding that they’ve never come to before.”

New Amsterdam, Season 4 Finale, Tuesday, May 24, 10/9c, NBC

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