Parks and Recreation wants the community’s input on new plan for West Village Community Park

RICHLAND, Wash. – A draft for the new West Village Community Park on Badger Mountain South is now available to the public and Parks and Recreation is asking for public comment on the plan.

There will be a public meeting on Thursday, June 23 at 6 p.m. where the Parks and Recreation Commission will take comments from the community. This is the final opportunity for public review of the plan. The meeting will be in the Richland Council Chamber at City Hall. The address is 625 Swift Boulevard.

After listening to comments from the community, the Parks and Recreation Commission will review, discuss and vote on a final recommendation for the city council to approve it at their next meeting planned for July 5.

The plans on the table now, include public feedback that was gathered through multiple meetings, an online survey and previous public comment sessions.

You can view the plans, survey responses and more by clicking HERE.

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Article Source: Fox 11