Prosser High School Student earns summer Internship with NASA

PROSSER, Wash. –

Prosser High School Junior Hannah Norris is only 17, but she is getting an out-of-this-world experience through an internship with NASA.

17-year-old Hannah Norris from PHS is taking part in NASA’s STEM Enhancement in Earth Sciences Program to learn more about space and the information NASA gathers from Earth while looking down on it.

I met with Hannah and her dad, Dan Norris, to talk about the internship and how it works.

Hannah tells me its a mostly virtual internship with learning modules she has to complete before July.

After that, she’s working with her team on space photography of Earth before visiting an in-person work session in Texas during late July.

The SEES program is hosted by the University of Texas in Austin and gives high school students a summer experience working in a STEM career with NASA.

Hannah says she has many options for her future in front of her and wants to try out different plans before making a decision.

Before a career path can begin, Hannah still has to finish her senior year of high school.

Her dad and PHS and Housel Middle School Band Teacher Dan Norris tells me he wants his daughter to know she can do anything she wants to with her future.

Hannah wants to learn all she can about space and cosmology, but she also tells me she wants to find friends who are just as obsessed with space as she is.

Hannah says she wants to bring in as many options as possible so she can be sure about the options to rule out.

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