Recent street racing raising concerns for Kennewick PD

TRI-CITIES, WA – Following the car crash that left three dead, Lt. Jason Kiel says it’s become a growing concern.

It’s important to keep your head on swivel and keep an eye out for fast drivers. Lt. Kiel says they’ve noticed social media playing an influence on street racing and it isn’t a matter of knowing when or where races will take place.

At this time there simply isn’t enough police officers that can keep an eye out.

He asks that parents educate young drivers and teach them the consequences of speeding on the roads.

“We’re really trying to educate people on the dangers of racing or reckless driving,” he says, “I think the incident in Richland is a perfect example of people feeling invulnerable like nothing is going to happen then it does.”

Lt. Kiel added that street racing mainly occurs on two lane roads like Clearwater Ave. and Columbia Center Blvd., even highway 240.

When hitting the road, staying alert for racers can help prevent accidents. However, it’s most important for the public to stay educated on the dangers of racing.

If you get caught racing, it’s a bookable offense and can even have your license suspended, so think twice before you consider racing another drive on the roads.

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Article Source: Fox 11