Recipient of 2022 CBC MLK Spirit Award Honors Dr. King’s dream with community service day

PASCO, WA – Naima Chambers-Smith, activist and founder/CEO of the Tri-Cities Diversity and Inclusion Council, held a “Building A Dream Food and Essential Item Drive-Through” along with their partners, HAPO Community Credit Union, Columbia Basin College, Global Food Bank, the Tri-City Development Council, and many others.

“Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. always said it is always the right time to do the right thing.” said Chambers-Smith on today’s National Day of Service honoring the “I have A Dream” writer, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Chambers-Smith grew up inspired by Dr. King’s teachings, activism, and preachings on radical love.

“It’s great to say you love your family and friends. But do you love others? Are you willing to go out of your way to serve and help others who are apart of a different demographic or not in your circle?” asked Chambers-Smith.

The food-drive had a plethora of volunteers handing out food, groceries, baby items, blankets, emergency items, children’s books on diversity and social justice, and so much more. All items were for free as cars lined up all around the CBC parking lot.

“We want to serve our community and that’s what Dr. King also encouraged. He especially encouraged us to empower and lift up marginalized, neglected, and underserved communities.” said Chambers-Smith.

As a Black woman, activist, and CEO, who has dedicated her life to working with juveniles and correction officers in detention centers, advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion in all public spaces, and creating community service events such as today’s food-drive, Chambers-Smith was awarded the 2022 MLK Spirit Award from Columbia Basin College.

“It is an honor to receive this award but I am also in shock that someone like me would even received a reward with the name ‘Martin Luther King’ in it.” said Chambers-Smith.

Because for her, it’s not about awards, but about continuing Dr. King’s legacy by fulfilling his dream of equity, equality, and social justice for not just Black Americans but all people of color.

“I would also encourage people to look more into Dr. King’s speeches and writings. Because while yes, he did preach nonviolence and love, he was also radical who was arrested many times. His preachings on equality and criticizing racism and the government ruffled feathers many times and he was rejected by many during his life” said Chambers, “So remember that what he stood for was not always easy.”

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