Richland School Board motions for new board leadership

RICHLAND, WA – Tuesday afternoon, rally organizer’s gathered in support of Richland School Board’s decision to re-instate masks in schools. They rallied outside the school district building until 6:00pm, allowing parents to participate in the meeting at 6:30.

During the meeting, participates voiced their opinions on the board members and their concerns about students in the district.

Under ‘New Business’ on the board’s agenda were topics of graduation rates, new programs and discussions on new board leadership.

Audra Byrd, a member of the board, motioned to vote new board leadership, which would in turn, remove current president Jill Oldson.

Legislative Representative on the board, Semi Bird, seconded the motion to bring it to further discussion.

The motion would allow Kari Williams to become the new president, Semi Bird vice president and Audra Byrd legislative representative.

Members in favor of the motion, made it clear their vote was based upon Oldson’s alleged abuse of power. During the meeting, Audra Byrd expressed how after many favored the in-person meetings, Oldson proceeded to make the meetings virtual.

“I am not offended by people that disagree with me. I am also not offended by people that make little mistake.” She says, “I would never vote someone off of the board for making little mistakes.”

Ultimately, the board did not pass the motion on a 3-2 vote.

I reached out to Jill Oldson and other board members to talk about what they wish for the board to do moving forward.

Oldson expressed, “We need to make sure that we come together as a team. I think that was discussed and we know that we have a lot of work to do.”

“We need to start focusing on what’s in the best interest of the school district and the community and help get rid of some of the divide that’s in the community,” she added.

In speaking with Audra Byrd, she expressed similar concerns. Both board members say they want what’s best for the students in the Richland School District and hope the community comes together to support as well.

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