Safe Water Available For Morrow County Residents


The Morrow County Health Department has issued a notice for anyone in the county with a domestic water well.

Starting Tuesday, July 26, the Health Department will be offering water to residents in Boardman and at the County Building in Irrigon.

The water will be distributed from 10 am to 4 pm.

Additionally, if any Morrow County resident tests positive for high levels of nitrate in their wells, they can register to have fresh water delivered to their homes. If a resident tests positive a representative from the County will contact them about setting up home water delivery.

High levels of nitrates in the water of Morrow County, which covers 2,000 miles in Eastern Oregon, has been an ongoing issue.

Decades of agricultural use has led to the current situation of domestic water wells possibly being contaminated with high levels of nitrates.

For more information concerning the distribution of fresh water in Morrow County, please contact Ana Pineyo at 541-256-0514.

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