Sub Zero offers ice cream with unique twist


Friday was the opening day of Sub Zero Ice Cream, and this weekend marks their first weekend in business after they started this project back in September.

Beth Rose moved to the Tri-Cities not too long ago, and wanted to combine a love for ice cream with her love for being involved with the community.

“We found this franchise and thought it was a good start. We liked the concept. We liked everything it had to offer as far as the educational aspect of it and the community involvement. We can do off-site catering, we can do science presentations, get kids excited,” said Rose.

She says they’ve had great support from local business owners and talked to different community organizations to get their name out there.

“You can go and get just regular scoops of ice cream, but this is a process. Everyone gets to pick their own flavor, which is unique. So they can customize their own flavor and get something different every time,” said Rose. “It’s good for families to come in, good for everyone to come in and enjoy a fun experience so we’re excited to share it with everyone.”

Beth says it’s an experience, mixing science with dessert. So it’s a great way for families to get out and do something with their kids.

“It engages them in a fun way and they get ice cream afterward. So it’s a win-win,” said Rose.

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Article Source: Fox 11