Technical Advisory Group shares vaccine requirement survey

WA – The Washington State Board of Health created a Technical Advisory Group whom recently posted a survey on their website to help get feedback on the potential vaccine requirement

The requirement would be for students in schools K-12 and the timeline for when that will be approved is still unclear.

I spoke with Doctor Amy Person from the Benton Franklin Health District whos says the state board takes several steps before addressing the possibility of a vaccine requirement.

However, there are several other steps in considering the requirement.

There’s a nine criteria process the TAG goes through when making decisions as such.

The Technical Advisory Group is asking parents and caregivers to fill out this survey on the potential of making the covid-19 vaccine a school entry requirement.

The survey has five questions and has some asking if the vaccine would be a burden for families and what barriers their students could face if vaccinated.

Doctor person says the state board brought the advisory group together to review the criteria and take the results to compare with other data they receive.

At this time, Dr. Person says the timeline is hard to consider because data on vaccines for kids is still being gathered.

The Washington State Board of Health has been giving opportunities for feedback on the matter in public comments is considering all input.

Overall, she says the survey is meant to see how parents and caregivers feel about requiring the vaccination.

If you’d like to take the survey, click here.

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