The impacts of events on the Tri-Cities economy

Tri-Cities, WA – With events like the Apple Cup and the USAG Tournament coming to the Tri-Cities, the economy in the Tri-Cities is seeing the effects.

After two years of no live events, the Apple Cup brings new money into the Tri-Cities, building the economy.

Hector Cruz, Vice President with Visit Tri-Cities says all money put into the economy, goes back into the community.

“New dollars that come and support our tax base. That’s really what’s helping our cities pay for construction or police and fire,” says Cruz.

A lot of what the Tri-Cities offers is outdoor programs. Cruz encourages the community to go out and explore the Tri-Cities.

Just because you live in the Tri-Cities, doesn’t mean you don’t contribute to the economy.

Much of the money made, may come from outsiders, but Cruz says a majority of the constant revenue is from current Tri-Citians. This is why he encourages the community to go for a bike ride or visit museums.

During the Apple Cup press conference, West Richland Mayor Brent Gerry says he hopes more events like the Apple Cup can lead to a hotel in West Richland.

“One day we’ll have a hotel here so, we’ll have that hotel/motel tax, but I think these guys (Visit Tri-Cities) are already up to that,” says Mayor Gerry, “and rightfully so because this an economic sprinkler through the entire region.”

Hector Cruz says the nicer weather will allow for more outdoor events but he wishes to have more conversations with the community about ways to improve the Tri-Cities.

He hopes people visiting because of the Apple Cup plan to come back, so they see more of what the Tri-Cities has to offer.

If you’re looking for something fun to do, head to the Visit Tri-Cities page.

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Article Source: Fox 11