The Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation had their ‘Cancer Crushing’ Van vandalized

Kennewick, WA – The Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation had both the catalytic converters and oxygen sensors stolen earlier this week.

Elizabeth McLaughlin, Executive Director of The Tri-Cities Cancer Center Foundation, says she is very thankful to the community for the help they have given them.

The center has had the Nissan Van for about a year now and they call it their Cancer Crushing Van. It helps the center when they have fundraising events for the center and help patients.

After the converters were stolen and the community heard about what had happened, Elizabeth says he contributions started to come in, but one contribution specifically, helped them cover the remaining costs to repair the van.

That contribution came from Yakima Federal Savings and Loans. They donated $2,000 today. Paul Crawford, Yakima Federal Assistant Secretary, says the donation was a no-brainer for them.

He says the center does so much good for the local community so they wanted to help in any way possible so helping the center help the community made the donation easier.

If you have any information on the thefts contact Kennewick Police Department with this Case # 22-03437.

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Article Source: Fox 11