Tri-Cities police departments’ efforts to decrease DUI related collisions

Tri-Cities, WA – In recent weeks, what feels like an increase in the number of DUIs, could be wrong.

Richland and Kennewick Police Departments have seen different numbers. Kennewick PD says it ran numbers to compare last and this year.

Officer Roman Trujillo with KPD says from January 1st to April 1st of 2021, they had 44 DUIs reported. Only 38 DUIs were reported for the same time period this year.

However, even if you’re planning to have some drinks, ask a friend to be a designated driver.

Sergeant Shawn Swanson with Richland PD says Richland PD has seen a steady number of DUIs. Although, more people have died in DUI collisions.

RPD is doing traffic enforcement on weekends around the closing time for bars in the area.

Sgt. Swanson says RPD is using a new program to help educate people about the consequences of driving under the influence.

“This one is targeted, sit down and have a real conversation with the kids. their decisions might affect their futures, scholarships or going to college important jobs,” says Sgt. Swanson, “so drinking and driving doesn’t just take place on one night, it might have lasting effects.”

The program is Teen Target Zero, is a partnership with the Washington State Traffic Safety Commission.

RPD says it stopped using scare tactics like the former Every 15 Minutes program because it was triggering for students who had lost someone in a car accident.

Richland PD hopes the new tactic will show people the lasting impacts driving under the influence.

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Article Source: Fox 11