Umatilla’s ice-less skating rink has been a hit this winter

Umatilla, OR.-

This winter, the city of Umatilla introduced a new, eco-friendly ice rink that has brought people in from around the region.

The rink is made of artificial ice, a heat-pressed polymer that the company Glice has patented.

Hannah Keister is the community development coordinator for the City of Umatilla.

“We don’t need to worry about it staying frozen. So we can use it at any temperature. We live in the high desert so it’s not the coldest all the time here,” said Keister.

Their first weekend open, Keister says they saw about 500 people. Since then, she says they’ve had people coming out to the rink all winter.

“Since this is our inaugural year. We’re just kind of seeing how it goes. However, the community has really taken a liking to it,” said Keister. “So many people come and they’re thankful that there’s just something to do in the area.”

Nine-year-old Angelina Epkey enjoys ice skating and ventured out to the rink with her family this weekend for the first time.

“[My favorite part is] when you’re going really fast and you feel like, the air in your face,” said Epkey.

But Angelina isn’t the only kid who’s excited about the rink, others come from around the area to skate.

“Even local kids who are in the area will come and walk down. So it’s really cool to see kids being able to do something other than sitting around in the wintertime,” said Keister.

Its three dollars to skate and they’ll be open through presidents day weekend. Hannah says this won’t be the last of the rink.

“We’ve had the STEAM academy, the school district come out a lot and use it. So that’s been very exciting,” said Keister. “We’re really excited to expand on it next year and see what else we can bring to the community.”

If you are a little nervous to get out on the rink, take Angelina’s advice:

“Falling is your way to get better so if you fall, don’t be too hard on yourself. Because that’s just a way to get better and motivate yourself to do better,” said Epkey.

They have a valentines day skate night coming up in February for 10 dollars a couple with unlimited snacks, refreshments, and skating from 5-8 p.m. Find out more about the rink here.

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