World Relief Tri-Cities helping Ukrainian Refugees

TRI-CITIES, WA – As the war in Ukraine continues, family members of those abroad continue to find ways they can help. World Relief is an organization that helps refugees from around the world.

In recent years, nearly 70% of the organization’s refugees are from Ukraine.

I spoke with Kenneth Primus, Office Director for World Relief Tri-Cities who told me about the ways they help those abroad.

“We meet people at the airport. We get them housing, help them find jobs,” he says, “We get them lined up with state benefits and medical services.”

He added how they even get the kids enrolled in school and help the families feel comfortable.

One refugee who now works for the organizations, says she is vey thankful for what they did for her and her family.

Svetlana Sinyuk sought refuge in 1998, with her parents. When they arrived in Moses Lake, Washington, she says they welcomed them with open arms.

“Very first support was done by World Relief. World Relief to this day has a special place in our hearts,” said Sinyuk.

She started working for the organization as an interpreter. After a couple months, they offered her a full time job as an Immigration Specialist.

Now she works closely with refugees to ensure they get the help they need, but also with legal paperwork.

Svetlana works closely to start immigration processes so refugees have the necessary paperwork to enter the United States.

She says, “When my mom found out that I’m going to be working for this organization, she thought that was very very special.”

The main concern for Svetlana is the pending cases. She hopes they can speed up the process and continue helping people in her home country.

Primus says their main goal is to stand with the vulnerable and bring them in as brothers and sisters.

Many in the Tri-Cities and surrounding areas have been asking about ways they can help Ukrainians abroad and those entering the US. World Relief has been in contact with other organizations abroad that are in Ukraine at this time to help those in need.

World Relief suggests checking their website or Facebook for updates on ways to help.

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